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Tape veils of PVC

Tape veils of PVC
  • Tape veils of PVC
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Country of manufacture:France

Tape veils of PVC are an inexpensive and effective way to reduce up to 50% of losses of heat at open apertures of doors to rooms of different function. It is one of the main, but not the only use of this material.
Tape PVC veils allow to increase a noise isolation, will protect the room, goods and personnel from strong wind and adverse weather conditions. They prevent hit to the room of birds and insects, dust and smoke.
At the same time PVC veils allow to get easily into the room to personnel and the equipment.
 Veils are applied in the doorway and apertures in warehouse production rooms, divide working zones of shops, warehouses and refrigerators on purpose shumo-and thermal insulations, without complication and reduction of speed of movement. They are used as protection against dust, insects and birds in shopping centers and supermarkets, cafe, restaurants, the enterprises of the food industry. As effective replacement of gate they are used in depot and garages. We offers equal and wavy, standard or frost-resistant PVC of a veil. They are transported rolled according to 50 items by m, but can be offered any length at the request of the customer. Veils are established by means of the metal holder with an overlap from 30 to 100%, depending on application conditions.
PVC of a tape can be the sledyushchy sizes:

S 100х2 is smooth
S 200х2 is smooth
S 200х2 with stiffening ribs
S 300х3 is smooth
S 300х3 with stiffening ribs
S 400х4 is smooth
S 400х4 with stiffening ribs

With 100х2 smooth
With 200х2 smooth
With 200х2 with stiffening ribs
With 300х3 smooth
With 300х3 with stiffening ribs
With 400х4 smooth
With 400х4 with stiffening ribs

where S is a standard tape, t ° -5 °C ….+50 °C
   C-is a frost-resistant tape, t ° -40 °C ….+20 °C

Country of manufacture:France
Information is up-to-date: 19.08.2019
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