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Grid and Film for bricklayer's scaffold of Eltcover 2000, translucen

Grid and Film for bricklayer's scaffold of Eltcover 2000, translucen
  • Grid and Film for bricklayer's scaffold of Eltcover 2000, translucen
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Brand:Eltcover 2000
Country of manufacture:Vietnam

Film shelter for bricklayer's scaffold of Eltcover 2000


For more intensive covering of object sunlight, or when working, demanding special clearness, we suggest to use translucent film of "Eltkover 2000".

Such film is made of the polymeric material with a density of 180 g/m2 reinforced by synthetic thread with step of 10 mm. Edges of panel are strengthened by dense synthetic fabric with openings for fastenings by means of rope, metal ropes, polyethylene tightenings. The film, steady against ultraviolet, well passes daylight.

Material possesses the following characteristics:

Weight, g/m2


Rupture strength, kN/sq.m

Longitudinal 4,5 Cross 4,5

Elongation, %

Longitudinal-10,53 Cross-21,73


Din 4102 B1, combustible, hard flammable material. The flame does not raspostranyatsya.

Temperature of operation, °C

- 50 - +80

At / f stabilization, month.


Width, mm


Mm length



90/165/180 sq.m


The synthetic film shelters executed from the offered materials possess big rupture strength and absolutely insignificant weight. They favourably differ from tarpaulin tent fabrics - do not become wet during rain, they can be stored in the crude not heated rooms.

Occasional seats and ways of use of film shelters "Eltcover":

Arrangement of beaches on coast of the rivers and reservoirs. At the organization of rest on water, quite often there is requirement of construction of the sites shaded from the sun on the beach. Such constructions of usually seasonal period of assignment. Therefore, it is inexpedient to use expensive materials. Use of "Eltcover 2000" is offered, - synthetic, strong shelter of white color. Panels stretch for the made frame frameworks fixed on support. Such design has big durability, it easy and completely meets all safety requirements imposed on constructions of this sort.

Shadowing from the sun and the shelter from rain on decks of walking boats and yachts, - is recommended to use special film shelter of white color - "Eltcover 2000". Such covering easily drags on the thin ropes passed through the cringles which are specially established for fixing.

Organization exhibition, malls. Covering over trade market ranks, 3,30 meters wide will create necessary protection against the sun and rain. Such construction will demand to pull at the edges the thin rope 2,0 - 3,5 mm thick passed throughout cringles "Eltcover 2000" established in film shelter. During creation of design it is recommended to do small horizontal bias for stack of rain waters.

Installation of advertizing signs, pipe dreams. Strong film panels of white color, - excellent material for production of outdoor advertizing. Having used frame method of fastening, it is possible to place posters or the written pipe dreams, it is high for example: between buildings, over the areas, along highways. Metal rope for these purposes, it is required to use made of stainless steel or protected by galvanized covering. Applying the strong, easy, not becoming wet film shelters of "Eltcover" - it is easy to design elegant designs on not high price.

Brand:Eltcover 2000
Country of manufacture:Vietnam
Information is up-to-date: 21.05.2019
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